Servizi | Eden Immobiliare

We Offer Sellers

  • Professional advice with regard to the valuation of your property
  • Identifying the best local and overseas markets in which to target the sale
  • Feasibility of the project together with cost efficient project management by our technical office
  • We select the clients we feel most appropriate and start negotiations with them
  • Information regarding market trends
  • Translations
  • Assistance in all aspects of drawing up contracts and tackling all bureaucracy

We Offer Buyers

  • Supply of detailed and accurate information together with feasibility of the selected properties as per clients instructions
  • Feasibility of the project together with cost efficient project management by our technical office. 
  • Serious and ethical negotiations in getting the best deal for our clients
  • Selection of suitable legal advisors and notary for the drawing up and completion of promise of sale and contract avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Long or short terms rentals and leasing 
  • Translations
  • The friendship established during the process enables us to offer an after sale service ensuring that your home abroad experience is one worth remembering

Property Management

We are able to assist our clients even after the purchase of their properties, in all bureaucratic and technical aspects such as:

  • Transfer of the utilities contracts in their names (light, water and heating)
  • Assistance in the payment of the bills and taxes
  • Organization of the cleanliness both inside and outside (upon request of the committee)
  • Monthly check or weekly check of the property (we open the doors and windows and get it aired and we check if the systems are all properly functioning)
  • We can help you in the speech with the various technician such as plumber, electrician and our architect can assist you in the renovation of your property

Additional Services

We are able to offer a complete service and advices in accordance with the committee’s requirements, from the real estate promotion to the technical assistance : design of renderings-realistic photos, home staging and high quality resolution pictures and videos made by experts in the sector.

  • Rendering
    The renderings, even called realistic pictures, are mainly used to give an idea of a project under construction/renovation, together with the three dimensional plans enable us to study a good solution and arrangement of the furniture for the committee. Thanks to our high skilled designer-collaborators we can also provide any type of advertisement, from the magazine to the flier or the advertising street board.
  • Home Staging
    A partner of us can also help our seller or investors to turn their empty or impersonal properties into a nicer and better product, able to catch the buyers’ attention, simply by moving the pieces of furniture in different position as well as re-arranging the internal space or even by furnishing when and where necessary in order to give brightness, comfort and sense of space to the houses. This kind of service is called “Home Staging” and together with high resolution pictures will help us in a great promotion of your properties. 
  • Servizi fotografici
    Upon request of the seller our photographer will submit a special offer for the a professional service and aerial pictures with the drone. A high quality photo helps to catch the clients’ interest.
  • AUXILIA Finance
    As real estate Eden Immobiliare is also a Partner of FIAIP (Italian federation real estate agents) offers Auxilia Finance’s assistance and with the help of credit experts, providing the applicant is financeable, we are able to help our buyers in getting a mortgage or insurance product according to one’s own needs.