Our services

For those who sell

  • Consulting services for the correct evaluation of the property up for sale
  • Identification of the best national and international reference markets
  • Estate agent estimates and profitability, project management and feasibility studies
  • Careful selection of clients and fully transparent management of negotiations
  • Study of the preferential channels used for conveyancing when buying and selling a property
  • Regular information on the progress of the marketing campaign
  • Complete assistance from the preliminary phase up until the notarial deed of sale
  • After-sales services and administrative assistance for the related transfer paperwork or new utility connections

For those who buy

  • Personalised research based on customer needs
  • Detailed information is sent together with a photographic service, complete description of the property, price and geographical position with relative distances from the main centres
  • In-depth analysis of the critical issues and potential of each property
  • Estate agent estimates and profitability, project management and feasibility studies
  • Estimates for any renovation work
  • Legal and notarial consultation, in collaboration with leading professionals in the area
  • Fully transparent management of negotiations
  • If coming from abroad we organise overnight stays and visits to the properties
  • Complete assistance up until the public deed has been drawn up and preparation for the preliminary stages
  • After-sales services and administrative assistance

Property Management

We offer our clients customisable property management packages, meaning we assist the client after the purchase of their home. Our services are:

  • Assistance in the change of registration or setting up new users under utilities for water, electricity and gas
  • Assistance in paying bills and property taxes such as Imu, tari etc.
  • Organisation and management of both internal and external cleaning of your property
  • Estimates for any renovation work

Extra Services

We are able to provide tailor-made consulting services to advertise any property development from construction to sale. There are many services that we can offer, from the creation of realistic rendering-photos to the service of home staging and services with professional photos.


Exterior renderings - realistic photos are used to showcase the completed project to the client. In addition to external views, it is possible to create interior views and three-dimensional plans furnished to study and better understand the overall dimensions and types of furniture. We also create all kinds of printed material to better advertise your property and large format posters through our collaborators.

Home Staging

We can provide a home staging service - that is the art of transforming the house into a better product for sale; changing the position of the furniture, reorganising the rooms in an orderly way, or adding furnishing accessories, through one of our collaborators. The whole service will be completed with a great photo shoot that will help you generate more leads and make your home much more appealing. This is because a well-furnished and tidy house sells better and in less time.

Photographic services

Possibility of an agreement being reached through one of our collaborators who takes aerial photos with the help of a drone, and who takes internal and external photos with professional cameras. A good photo is needed to be able to capture the attention of potential clients.


We are associated with FIAIP (Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali) and we offer Auxilia Finance’s professionalism, which, through its credit consultants, pre-qualifies the client and is able to confirm the customer's actual eligibility for finance. In addition, the consultants identify the best mortgage product, insurance product, personal loans etc., for each type of client, based on their needs. Staff from Auxilia Finance meet clients face to face in our office.

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